Bentley Sunglasses prove popular

Not available in a Specsavers near you - eye-wateringly expensive Bentley Eyewear.

By Tim Kendall | 25th August 2011

Bentley eyes up the high-end sunglasses market

Picture the scene. You’ve got the Bentley, you’ve probably got the diamond-encrusted Vertu phone. But what happens when you need a more compact statement of wealth than a two-tonne Bentley? In return for a wheelbarrow full of notes, Bentley Eyewear not only protects your peepers from the sun’s harmful rays, but provides a silent way of saying to the proletariat – ‘Out of my way, I’m dripping with money’.

Bentley Eyewear

Well, why not? You only get one pair of eyes, so why not cloak them in the most opulent ocular extravagance available. Bentley’s ‘Mulsanne’ range of sunglasses are handmade in Germany by high-end eyewear maker, Estede. Available in 18ct gold, silver palladium or platinum, the Bentley Eyewear range is, predictably, eye-wateringly expensive. Starting at 10,000 Euros for the gold aviators and rising to 31,500 Euros for platinum-framed versions, wealthy customers in China and Russia have already been queueing up to buy the natty shades.

Zeiss polarised lenses provide wearers with 100% UV protection, whilst an engraved Bentley ‘B’ emblem adorns the handcrafted frames. The perfect accessory to a pair of Bentley specs, is of course, a Bentley, which is why a hard case has been specially designed to slot neatly into the centre console of the Bentley Mulsanne. And furthering the opportunity for cross-selling, customers can have a leather presentation case trimmed in the same hide as their Bentley interior.

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By Tim Kendall
25th August 2011


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