Honda suspends production at five Japanese plants

Following the catastrophic earthquake which hit 250 miles morth-east of Tokyo today, Honda confirm several injuries and a fatality at their Tochigi R&D facility.

By Tim Kendall | 11th March 2011

Honda have confirmed they will suspend production across five factories in Japan, following the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the north east of the country on Friday. The car maker had previously confirmed one fatality and several injuries at its Tochigi R&D facility. Honda also confirmed it would donate 1,000 gas powered generators and pledged 300 million yen towards the relief and recovery effort.



Honda would like to express its deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of the earthquake in north-eastern Japan, and our sincere hopes for the earliest possible relief and recovery of the affected areas.

Honda has decided the following:

・       As of March 14, all production activities are suspended at the following Honda plants: Sayama Plant at Saitama Factory (Sayama, Saitama), Ogawa Plant (Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun Saitama), Tochigi Factory (Moka, Tochigi), Hamamatsu Factory (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) and Suzuka Factory (Suzuka, Mie).

・       From March 15 to 20, Honda will suspend all production activities at its plants listed above as well as at Kumamoto Factory (Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto).    

・       From March 14 to 20, Honda will suspend regular operations at all Honda facilities in the Tochigi area, where damage was more serious, (including Tochigi Factory, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. R&D Center (Tochigi) , Honda Engineering Co., Ltd., etc.), and focus on the recovery of each operation. Honda associates employed at these facilities will not come to work during this time.

Aid for the victims of the earthquake

With the hope to contribute to the earliest possible relief and recovery of affected areas, Honda will provide the following aid:  

・       300 million yen toward the relief and recovery effort

・       A total of 1,000 generators (gasoline-powered and home-use gas canister-powered), along with 5,000 gas canisters. Honda also will dispatch its staff to explain how to use the donated generators.


By Tim Kendall
11th March 2011

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