New Aston Martin Virage video

Aston have another promo video. This time for the new Virage, which looks a rather like a DB9, and a bit like a DBS, but is a new model, apparently.

By Tim Kendall | 23rd March 2011

Another day, another promo video from Aston. This time it’s for the new Virage, a front mid-mounted V12 GT that slots into the Aston range between the DB9 and DBS. Looking at it, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s just the DB9 with a bodykit, yet it packs the same 6.0 V12 from the DBS, albeit mildy detuned to ‘just’ 490bhp. The underpinnings are based on Aston’s VH bonded aluminium chassis (aka DB9 platform) which is seven years old, and according to Aston, now in it’s ultimate incarnation. Depending on your outlook, it’s a DB9 turned up to 11, or a slightly lukewarm DBS.

Whilst the looks might imply more of the same, reviews from those that have driven it tell a different story. Apparently less edgy than the more hardcore DBS, but sharper than the DB9, maybe this is the one to have if you are after a V12 Aston. Aston Martin have eschewed the drum and bass in favour of a more relaxed soundtrack on this video, which perhaps says something about the target demographic for the Virage. What’s clear though, is that the styling tweaks to the DB9 shape really sharpen up a car whose familiarity has dulled the impact of an inherently beautiful shape.

By Tim Kendall
23rd March 2011

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