Pimped-up special marks 10 years of Prius in the UK

Toyota Prius. Tediously predictable choice of eco-conscious Hollywood celebs, Cabinet Ministers and Congestion Charge dodgers. Not the obvious candidate for a pimped-up limited edition you might think.

Toyota don’t see it that way, and have raided the special edition parts bin to mark the 10th anniversary of the Prius in the UK, giving us this ‘street sharp’ Prius Generation X. Limited to a production run of 1000, it uses the same Hybrid-Synergy Drive powertrain, comprising two electric motors and a 1.8 litre petrol engine to give a claimed 70mpg on the combined cycle and emissions of just 92g/km CO2.

Looks like a door stop. Just as economical too.

Outside it has been treated to 17″ multi spoke alloys and a bodykit that conspire to make the aerodynamic wedge shape look slightly more like a door-stop. Furthering the incongruity, the rear windows have been heavily tinted and the interior treated to some black leather embossed with tenth anniversary logos. It’s endowed with the same spec as the upscale ‘T-Spirit’ model so is equipped with HDD Sat Nav, Bluetooth, head-up display and intelligent park-assist. The overall effect makes it look like a bit of an under-wheeled oddity. Even at £26,150, I have a feeling Toyota UK will sell all 1000 examples, but it’s hard to see to who – the markets for tarted-up specials and Hybrids do not share much common ground.

By Tim Kendall
26th October 2010

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