New Renault Twin’Run concept revealed at Monaco Grand Prix

Meet the new Renault Twin'Run: a Mid-engined midget with monster power

By Tim Kendall | 24th May 2013

Renault Twin’Run: a mid-engined midget with monster power

This here is the Renault Twin’Run – a characteristically unhinged mid-engined small concept car from the French firm. Forget hot, think boiling hot hatch – there’s a 320hp mid-mounted V6 borrowed from the Mégane Trophy racer lurking under that butter-wouldn’t-melt city car silhouette.

Renault Twin'Run concept

The mid-engined Renault Twin’Run

Earlier today Renault Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Teveres, piloted the slightly mad little Twin’Run around Monaco’s famous GP circuit, pursued by Caterham F1 driver Charles Pic in its spiritual ancestor, the Clio V6. And bringing up the rear in Renault’s little trip down mad-hatchback lane was rally star Jean Ragnotti in that instantly evocative ’80s icon the R5 Maxi Turbo.

Renault Twin’Run concept car – what is it?

It’s officially a concept car, but the smart money would wager its cutesy bodywork drops more than a hint at the next Renault Twingo, due to make its way across the English Channel in 2014.

But more about the oily bits…

That V6 engine is slung out just ahead of the rear axle, providing what Renault calls well-balanced weight distribution of 43/57 front/rear. Said to be ‘full-bodied and generous’ (the engine not a good Merlot), it’s mated to a Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox and limited slip differential which drives the rear wheels. Wrapped in lightweight composite bodywork, we’d expect it to be good for the quoted 4.5 second sprint to 62mph.

Renault Twin'Run conceptRenault Twin'Run concept

Renault Twin’Run concept hints at next Twingo

2013 Renault Twin’Run concept – will they build it?

Well let’s see. Mid-mounted V6 in a small hatchback? Not so implausible. Composite bodywork wrapped around a tubular competition derived chassis with motorsport grade Ohlins suspension? Hmmm.

So don’t expect that little lot to be coming to a showroom near you anytime soon. It does however point to the importance Renault continues to place on building mad hatchbacks to give us performance car nuts something to salivate about. And as we know, Renault has form in this area – as evidenced by the wonderful and defunct Clio V6.

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By Tim Kendall
24th May 2013

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