• Bentley Continental GTC V8

    SMMT Test Day South

    The big yellow peril and a couple of monster hatchbacks. Highlights from the 2012 SMMT test day south.

  • Bentley Eyewear

    Bentley Sunglasses prove popular

    Not available in a Specsavers near you – eye-wateringly expensive Bentley Eyewear.

  • Car auction

    Sold in 60 Seconds

    Car auctions. Exhaust fume-ridden haunts of the shady car dealer, right?

  • Paris 2010

    The purse strings of the British Motor Industry may be pulled from abroad these days, but based on the offerings at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Blighty is not just alive and kicking, but taking centre stage. Here’s a patriotic rundown of what’s on offer from our side of the Channel. Lotus Lotus, usually a […]