Volvo predicts crash-proof cars by 2020

Self-driving, crash-proof cars are in the way if Volvo's vision becomes a reality...

By Tim Kendall | 31st January 2013

Volvo Pedestrian airbag

It’s 30 years since wearing seat belts became mandatory in the UK. A piece of legislation that has saved more than 60,000 lives according to RoSPA. But Volvo is locked steadfast on a mission to ensure nobody is killed or seriously injured in one of its cars by the year 2020, and the key is taking human responsibility out of the equation.

Achieving such an end is a noble mission, and one which will see Volvo-drivers wrapped in technological cotton wool by self-driving cars. It’s not so far-fetched given some techonology – like City Safety collision avoidance – is already standard fit on the new V40. Other tech, such as pedestrian airbags and autopilot convoy systems, are already being tested by the safety-conscious Swedes. So this could happen.

Thing is – and I’m not sure about you – but the thought of a self-driving car is pretty depressing if you like driving.

By Tim Kendall
31st January 2013

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