Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

2015 Goodwood FoS: Highlights from motoring's best garden party

By Tim Kendall | 25th June 2015

It’s June and the sun’s out, which means it’s time to wander around the Earl of March’s lawn and marvel at shiny, unaffordable things. Thanks to the nice people at Peugeot, DrivingTalk was there on Thursday for the moving motor show to gawp at beautiful machinery, eat an overpriced, underwhelming smoked salmon bagel and get sun burnt. This year’s theme is ‘flat-out and fearless: racing on the edge’. Judging by the enthusiasm with which some of the moving motor show exhibits were driven up the hill climb, that seems apt.

Here are some highlights that piqued my interest. Unfortunately I’m no Nikon ninja, so excuse my amateur snaps:

1. 1990 Singer 911 Targa

If you know your 911 onions then Singer needs no introduction. If you don’t, then get Googling and then buy a lottery ticket, because you’ll want one. The American firm is famed for its OCD levels of detail finish and this, a retro take on a 1990 964 Targa looked downright pornographic in the flesh.

Singer 911 Targa

Sublime Singer 911. So much want….

Singer 911 interior
Details, details. Singer’s level of finish simply stunning

Singer 911 Targa

Look at those hips

2. Volkswagen Golf R400

This one certainly had the boy racers salivating all over the VW stand. Really, I nearly slipped over. You can see why though – it’s got some serious attitude, even if some of the detailing, like the exhausts, looks heavy-handed. Still, this is not just a Golf, this is a 395bhp mega hatch which will make the Mercedes A45 AMG run for its mummy.

Volkswagen Golf R400

Golf R400: possibly the new mega hatch king

VW Golf R400

Squat and purposeful


3. Peugeot 308 R Hybrid Concept

‘I’ll see your 400bhp hatch and raise you 100 horses’. No doubt that would have been the conversation over an imaginary poker table at which the big cheeses from VW and Peugeot’s special ops divisions raised the hot hatch stakes to def con three levels of silliness. Or something like that. Make no mistake, here’s a Pug with some bite – the 308 R Hybrid Concept has 500bhp which comes from the marriage of 270bhp 1.6 turbo petrol motor, with two 115bhp electric motors. But it’s only a concept for now. Ah.

Peugeot 308 R Hybrid Concept

Peugeot 308 R Hybrid Concept: new levels of hot hatch silliness

Peugeot 205 T-16

How it used to be done in the ’80s

4. Ferrari 250 Spyder Series 1

Not the one from Ferris Bueller’s day off – that was a 250GT California Spyder. I think. Still, the paint finish on this 250 Spyder Series 1 was absolutely flawless and not being a colour you often see on Ferraris, really stood out. I should be able to tell you more about its specification and provenance, but I’m afraid I got carried away just gawping at it and snapping away. Sorry.

Ferrari 250 Spyder

Ferrari 250 Spyder: you just would, wouldn’t you.

Ferrari 250 Spyder

Gorgeous colour combo on this 250 Spyder


5. Ian Callum Jaguar Mk2

Ian Callum of Jaguar design fame got together with Jag restorer CMC  to ‘re-imagine’ the quintessentially British Mk2 Jaguar. The detailing on it is simply stunning, although to my eyes the front end doesn’t quite gel, looking a bit chinless due to the loss of the chrome bumper. Either way, its a treat to get up close to one-off creations like this.

Ian Callum Jaguar Mk2

Ian Callum’s take on the Mk2. Love it from some angles…

6. McLaren F1

The first time I’ve seen a McLaren F1 in the carbon and I was stunned by how pretty and fresh it looks after more than 20 years. I’m not sure how Rowan Atkinson managed to part with his F1, although the £8m (shoot me down if that’s wrong) he flogged it for might have softened the blow somewhat.

McLaren F1

The F1 has aged incredibly well

McLaren F1

Regretting it yet Mr Bean?

7. Ferrari F40

For a lesson in supercar design, look no further than the Ferrari F40. It’s another supercar which still looks utterly desirable, all taut lines and proportions which are spot on after 25 years. I’m not sure the XJ220 in the background has fared quite as well.

Ferrari F40

The F40 looking sublime in Darth Vadar spec.


Ferrari F40

Goodwood FoS: Still worth the entry price?

Goodwood has grown almost exponentially over the last couple of decades and yes, it’s all a bit corporate (and pricey) these days. But there’s still nowhere else like it in terms of the surroundings, scale and variety of machinery.

Criticisms? I wish they’d use better car park signs. Still lose my car every year in the car park and judging by the numbers of confused looking people wandering around up and down the parking fields, I’m not the only one…

Land Rover off road course

Land Rover off road course

Goodwood House

The balcony at Goodwood House

Range Rover Sport SVR

Range Rover Sport SVR



Ferrari California T on Goodwood Hill

Ferrari California T on Goodwood Hill

Peugeot 308 GTI

Peugeot 308 GTI

BMW M5 E39

The DrivingTalk M5. Found it eventually.



By Tim Kendall
25th June 2015

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